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Time is a lie
And so for that matter is patience
Holding in all of the thoughts
One dares not speak aloud

A variable
Has confounded my best-laid equations
Blowing the cool
Of which fools are so terribly proud

You’re a mystery
That’s just begging to unravel
You’re a secret
Looking for a place to spill

Given similar
Proclivity for travel
Hey — if we don’t do this now
We never will

Chance is a game
And abrading the rules of engagement
Can often result
In a less-than-ideal consequence

Hope my lips don’t look
Too eager to end their estrangement
And try not to act like
I comb conversation for hints

You’re an answer
In the form of a question
You’re a riddle
That’s just aching to be solved

If I may be so bold as to venture
A suggestion
Hey — I would love to see the way
This gets resolved

Because you’re hotter
Than an August in El Paso
And you’re cooler
Than a January 5th

And you tie my silver tongue up
Like a lasso
And your smile shines like
The ribbon on a gift