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Punk Rock Heaven

Baby, you’re a poseur
Honey, I should know
You ask me where the shows are
But then you never go

Poseur purgatory
Awaits you at the end
But that’s not my story
I’ll tell you why, my friend

Got my Martens on with steely toes
Spike my hair and pierce my nose
I’m goin’ up to Punk Rock Heaven

Hippie Hell awaits you, Jack
Unless you take that tie-dye off your back
And jump the track to Punk Rock Heaven

The smack up there is pearly white
There’s always time to pick a fight
The leather pants are nice and tight
The Pistols play there every night

Got my guitar and my drum
Hey Johnny Thunders — here I come!
Comin’ up to Punk Rock Heaven

If I was you I tell you, son
I’d pierce my nipples with a staple gun
And make a run for Punk Rock Heaven

The smack up there is white as snow
Pack my bags, man — here I go!
Maybe in an hour or so
I’ll catch a G.G. Allin show

Hey every junky, punk and freak
If Manic Panic makes you weak
Then follow me and catch that train
Pleased to meet you, Kurt Cobain

I need a mohawked, tattooed, flannel-clad
Combat-booted lovely lad
To take me up to Punk Rock Heaven