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Brave New Baby

According to my father
There was only ever one war
And he didn’t even bother
’Cause he knew that he was done for
When to his call, his congressman replied:
“Take the wife and kids and hide.”

Past imperfect futures
Dreamed up chrome and abalone
With their retinal scans and hovercraft
Meticulous and phony
He said, “Girl, don’t you leave your mother’s side.”
He didn’t love me, but he tried

Oh my melancholy baby
Is the whole world going crazy?
’Cause it sure does seem that way these days
I say, it’s getting awful hot in here

Waves of mass indifference
Brainwashed all across the nation
And at six p.m. the anchormen
Began their recitation
Celebrities and all the trades they plied
Viewer true and fewer tried

Shoplift ideology
So at a loss for leaders
When the flame-retardant books came out
They had to burn the readers
And the politicians’ patriotic pride
Seemed more convincing when they lied

Oh my melancholy baby
Is the whole world going crazy?
’Cause it can’t be me who’s mad
I got it bad, but man it sure is hot in here

Oh my melancholy darlin’
Will you respect me in the mornin’?
’Cause each day may be our last
It’s been a blast, alas it’s getting hot in here

Oh my melancholy sweetheart
Just stick with me ’til the neat part
When from sea to shining sea, truth sets us free
Is it me or is it hot in here?