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Arm’s Length

Your presence meant more than I’d anticipated
Took my breath away, so I asphyxiated
Forgive me, but I just don’t think I have that kind of strength

My weakness is fragile and it’s feminine
And one’s benediction is another man’s sin
Fools rush in where wise men stay at arm’s length

If you were a hundred miles away
If you were a thousand miles away
If you were a million miles away
It would be better than having you here at arm’s length

I wish I had known when I lay by your side
That it was to be for the very last time
How much more would I have thought to savor?

Or that one sweet final kiss
Nice girls aren’t supposed to write songs like this
Fell so quickly in love, just as quickly out of favor

Some distances can’t be measured by miles
Pain that I feel at each one of your smiles
Nice girls aren’t supposed to even think these thoughts

If you were a light year gone from time
I’m telling you, boy — the pleasure is mine
Look at me here with all this trouble I bought (so willingly)